Paul streams

Hi there! It’s me, Paul. (the Professional Audiovisual Transmission Solution) Some say I have a square head – but I can do so much! Here you see me packed and ready to go. I am a plug & play solution for all types of professional video streaming. You can hire me for a wide variety of tasks! When the microphone and camera on your laptop are no longer enough, we are there with “smart” cameras, specialised sound equipment and a wealth of experience!

we have worked hard to pack all the necessary streaming technology into a single compact case, and have affectionately named it “Paul”!

Let me show you what I’m made of!

See what our audience has to say! (“regardless of the exciting topic, i would like to praise the technology – super clear images, the speakers always easy to see and hear, simply great!”)

Open me up, plug me in, switch me on – immediately the whole world can see us!

this is how I look when I’m ready to work
For example – only a few people local, lots of people sitting at their PC at home or on the go.

Flying was yesterday – Hybrid events are today!

Sales training, workshops, conferences and webinars – I have friends and partners in many cities. Vienna, Graz, Zurich, Berlin… they all sit digitally right next to each other!

Good video transmission doesn’t have to be expensive. In the past, each device had to be wired individually – kilometres of cables tangled together along with many technicians who were necessary to provide support. I am a sophisticated out-of-the-box solution, quickly ready for use, flexible for many applications, easy to transport – by your side you at your location. Ask about our flat rates per event!

Your benefits

  • We’re mobile: we come (with Paul) to wherever you are!
  • a technician supports you on-site: sound is professionally mixed for the best possible speech intelligibility
  • your conference or training becomes interactive
  • Participants sit in front of large screens with matching loudspeakers
  • Your presenter is in Salzburg, but the participants are sitting in Vienna and Linz? No problem! We work together with a professional partner network!

What we need from you

  • A power outlet
  • (and if you don’t have that we’ll bring our own generator!)

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